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University of Iceland, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science
School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Political Science
Thesis title: not determined
Thesis supervisor: not determined

Technical College, Student Degree
School of Information Technology
Leaving Certificate (Computer Studies)


eMedia Intellect, Project Manager

  • I founded and operated a project that publishes free and open source software as well as educational material in information technology.
  • I have worked on the Icelandicisation of various software projects such as 7-Zip, Chromium, IETester, Inno Setup, KeePass and WinSCP but also services such as Facebook, Google Translate,, (formerly and many web sites of Wikimedia Foundation (e.g. Wikipedia).
  • 2012–19: I operated information technology services in Chile. The main undertakings were computer repair, requirements analysis and web design.

Perfect Line ehf, Member of the Board of Directors

  • I founded a car hire with my father.
  • I tended to the financial, tax and legal affairs of the company.

Social work

Vaka, association of democratic students, Member of the Marketing Committee
Appointed by the Board of Directors

National Union of Icelandic Students (LÍS), Member of the Finance Committee
Appointed by the Board of Directors

Pirate Party, Member of the Finance Council
Elected by party members
Served as Secretary

Pirate Party, Member of the Finance Council
Elected by party members
Served as Secretary

  • We formulated rules of procedure for this newly established three-member committee.
  • We wrote procedure policy for the financial management of the association and its member associations.
  • We prepared a budget for 2021 and allocated over 70 million krona.
  • We participated in the organisation of the association's election campaign for the 2021 parliamentary elections.
  • We implemented the association's requirement for open bookkeeping, according to its law, for the years 2014–21.
  • We made decisions regarding lending and the association's financial obligations.
  • We oversaw compliance with rules of procedure and budget.

National Union of Icelandic Students (LÍS), Member of the Quality Committee
Appointed by the Board of Directors

  • We revised the 1st edition of the Quality Policy of LÍS on quality in the Icelandic university community, which was approved at the 5th National Assembly of LÍS in Bifröst on 23 March 2018. The revision was approved at the 2021 National Assembly.
  • We worked to draft a cooperation policy for students and university staff.
  • We helped prepare for the 2021 New Year's Assembly (January 16).
  • We helped prepare for the 2021 National Assembly (March 5–7).
  • We organised a quality course for university students held 18 April 2021. Participation was over 20. I served as secretary.

Politica, association of political science students (University of Iceland); New Student Representative on the Board of Directors
Elected by association members

  • We organised events for students.
  • We assisted new students.
  • We looked after the interests of students in relation to the university administration.

Pirate Party, member

I was tasked by the CEO to redesign the web site which publishes the law code of the party and its member associations.
It is hosted on and is maintained by the static site generator Jekyll.
I was tasked by the CEO to reorganise the archive of records which stores all public data of the party and its member associations.
The archive comprised hundreds of files and contained annual reports, financial statements, bookkeeping data, minutes of meetings, committee data and much more.
It is hosted on and consists primarily of PDFs and Markdown files.
See social media moderation below.
I wrote a policy on non-profit organisations and got it passed unanimously.

Social media


  • I created a Facebook group so that Spanish speakers, whether Icelandic or living in Iceland, can connect and cultivate their Spanish skills.
  • Number of members is over 20.

Þýðingar (enska–íslenska)

  • I created a Facebook group so that people can help each other with complex issues in the two languages.
  • Number of members is over 90.


  • I made one of the moderators of the chat group of the Pirate Party, one of the largest chat forums of Icelanders.
  • Appointed by the Board of Directors of the Pirate Party to a management group for the so-called Pírataspjall 2.0 to formulate management and editorial rules.
  • Number of members is over 12.400.

Íslendingar í Síle

  • I created a Facebook page to form a community for Icelanders in Chile, whether they live there or are traveling.
  • I have helped many Icelanders in Chile to establish themselves in society and guided them through the immigration process.
  • I have assisted many Chileans who have contacted me via the page to seek information about Iceland in general but especially about the requirements for granting residence permits.
  • In later years, reporters in Chile began contacting me via the page to get the opinions of Icelanders on current issues or on issues related to Iceland. As an informal spokesperson for Icelanders in Chile, I have been to many interviews, such as for Chilevisión, Las Últimas Noticias and Mega.
  • Number of followers is over 120.



I have been a member of Goodreads, the social cataloguing web site, since 2017. In mid-2021 I was granted Librarian status after passing the mandatory examination. This status grants me additional privileges over regular users when editing book and author details. I primarily add books about political science and history.

Wikimedia Foundation

I have written a lot about Icelandic political history and computer science for Wikimedia Founation projects, such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks etc. I have been an administrator on many of the projects for years and have made over 25,000 edits since I started my Wiki career in March 2007.